Engaging Vitality

Evolving the palpatory experience in the practice of Traditional East Asian Medicine

Engage with qi in your practice

The Engaging Vitality approach to Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine gives us the hands on skills and tools to engage with practical manifestations of qi. 
After many decades of work in the fields of osteopathy and East Asian Medicine, the main developers of EV have synthesized a way of working that allows us to: 

  • Feel the state of the qi (shape of qi) directly
  • Feel the location of core restrictions
  • Use variations in temperature to gain general and specific information
  • Directly feel which points are most available for treatment and their precise locations
  • Directly assess the flow in each channel
  • Assess the state of the Yin and fluids, and work with that information

  • Feel whether the treatments have produced a clinically meaningful change
  • Use the principle of effortless action (wu wei) in the practice

Techniques such as these allow us to respond more fluidly to the requirements of our patients’ qi in a true dialogue. 
These techniques are primarily diagnostic in nature and are readily integrated with nearly any style of acupuncture. 

They provide a means for the fundamental concepts of East Asian medicine to come to life in our hands

Basic Training

You can learn the Basics of Engaging Vitality in our
3 Module basic program.
We run programs every year 
Locations in Europe: Germany - Netherlands - Spain

Intermediate Level Classes (ILC)

Once  you have completed your basic training, you can continue developing your skills with our ILC.
These classes are not sequential, 
you can take them in an order and as many times you like.  

Review Classes & Yearly Follow Up Barcelona (YFUB)

After the basic training, when information and experiences settle, we surely need some review of the basics
(Review Classes).
And every year in Autumn all Engaging Vitality practitoners have a date at: Yearly Follow Up Barcelona (YFUB)

About us

Engaging Vitality is the fruit of many decades of careful and dedicated work in the fields of East Asian Medicine and Osteopathy, with emphasis on listening and responding to the patient's needs. It is a way of using our palpation to have a true dialogue with our patients, leaving aside our own pre-conceptions and expectactions.

"it's more important to be helpful than 

to be right" - Dan Bensky

Dan Bensky & Ferdinand Beck
Chip Chace showing channel listening


If you see that the next step in your development is not about theoretical knowledge,

If you sense a blind spot in your succesful practice,

If you want to listen to your patients beyond words and pre-conceptions...


Don't miss any opportunity!  start or continue exploring your Engaging Vitality path...

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Evolving the palpatory experience in the practice of Traditional East Asian Medicine