The Viscera 

The Cranium

Intermediate Level Class (ILC) 

These classes are not sequential.
Pre-requesites: Basic EV training

Structural aspects: The Viscera 1-2-3 [Barcelona]

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3 seminars, sequential – Total of 6 days of training. 
Trainer: Gemma Casasampera (TA: Charo Rodríguez – Magda Balaguer)
*This seminar series in Barcelona will be held in Spanish.

In this seminar we’ll start exploring the scope of this training, presenting the different aspects of Zang Fu palpation and function meaningful from a TEAM perspective. We’ll present some specific concepts such as motility (inherent movement) and mobility (movement in response) of the different organs. We’ll tune our palpatory antennas to the quality of the Zang Fu, and continue exploring how their form, localization and function feed and inform one another…. 
We’ll start by introducing the structures of the Abdomen and Thorax. In this first time palpating an organ, we’ll start with the Stomach. As a structure, it is relatively easy to access, as an organ it is the most Yang of all, as for its functions and connections, it is certainly at the Centre. Perfect ambassador to introduce us into this territory…!
We’ll continue with the exploration of the Gut and the Large Intestine -directly related in function to the Stomach.  On the second day, following the thread of the Yin-Yang pairings of the Metal, we’ll start exploring the Lung, and with its delicate yet powerful structure and functions, and it will serve as our entry into the Zang organs. 

Specific Topics of Seminar 1: 
Layer Palpation – Introduction to the structures of Thorax and Abdomen. 
Specific organs: Stomach – Gut – Large Intestine. Lungs 

In this second gathering we’ll revisit the topics of the first gathering, building from that palpatory sensitivity and clearing doubts that might have arise during the period in between classes. 
We’ll explore the concept of Distensibility. As for the specific organs, in this time we’ll engage the Wood movement, by learning about the Liver and its pair, the Gall Bladder, and the continue engaging the Earth movement, exploring the Pancreas and Duodenum, and revisiting the Stomach. 

Specific topics Seminar 2: 
Liver – Gall Blader – Pancreas – Duodenum – Revisiting Stomach. 

In this last gathering we’ll make sure to clear doubts and issues that have came up during the last 2 classes. We will revisit all the topics and integrate the visceral listening into our frame of practice. 
In this occasion we’ll also explore the SLA (Sphincter Like Areas), and start tuning into the realm of the San Jiao. 
As for specific organs, we’ll explore the Water movement, learning about the Kidney and the Urinary Bladder. 
We might also go over some curious organs, depending on the group needs. 

Specific topics Seminar 3: 
Review of all topics - SLA, Introduction to San Jiao - Kidney – Urinary Bladder. 

Structural aspects: The Viscera 1-2-3 [Holland] 

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3 Modules - Sequential 
Prerequisite: FUNDAMENTALS 
Trainers: Module 1: Ferdinand Beck - Module 2: Dan Bensky - Module 3: Velia Wortman & Bart Wintjes, 

Topics Module 1. 
Layer palpation - Lung  - Liver  - Stomach 

Topics Module 2: 
Gut - Duodenum - Pancreas - Jejunoileum - Colon - San Jiao - SLA - Gall Bladder - Kidney 

Topics Module 3: 
Review - Sacrum and Pelvis - Heart

Structural aspects: The Cranium

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In this module Dan takes the quality of touch one step further, and brings one very delicate listening post into play: the cranium.

 In this class you'll learn to feel the restrictions and pathological patterns affecting the cranium. You'll start working with areas of interface, the sutures.  You'll explore how to use this information in clinical practice, and to reboost the system. 
Instructors: Jack Radner - Leon Gobert - Dan Bensky
Teaching Assistants: 2-4 depending on the size of the group.
Days of training: 2