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Studygroup meetings in Europe 

for Engaging Vitality practitioners


De 10 a 17hs.

15/06/24 (Benjamines) 
20/07/24 (lao)
19/10/24 (Benjamines)
23/11/24 (lao)
14/12/24 (Benjamines)


Starting at 7:30pm

June 20th 2024

September 19th 2024

October 17th 2024

November 21st 2024

December 19th 2024


Starting at 18hs



10 to 17hs

8th of June 

Location: Zoetermeer
13th of July

Location: Zoetermeer.

12th of Oktober 

Location: DK IJsselstein.

30th of November

Location: Nijeholtpade.

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Basic Training - 3 Modules

Berlin - Germany

Module I: 2-3 March 2024

This class is sequential. 
Requirements: Acupuncture training
Trainers: Ferdinand Beck

Module II: 13-14 April 2024

This class is sequential. 
Requirements: Module I
Trainers: Rayén Antón

Module III: 21-22-23 June 2024

This class is sequential. 
Requirements: Module II
Trainers: Rayén Antón

Fluids: Review and expansion

Revisiting ponds and tides, getting to know the wave. 

Munich - Germany

04-05 May 2024

This class builds up on the previously acquired EV skills: During the FUNDAMENTALS class we get familiar with the Fluid Body and the Fluid Tide. We continue to explore the Fluid Body in the Ba Mai class, where we dive deeper into the Morphology.
Yet there's another way the Fluids might present themselves, that we don't fully explore during the basic classes or the Ba Mai class: The Wave. This phenomena tends to be quite palpable when the system has reached a further state of quiescense, and it usually signals that it is ready to shift to Dian Hua (we explore Dian Hua topic in the Ignition and Midspace class).
During this review and expansion class, we'll explore together these 3 aspects of the Fluids, to enrich and integrate our understanding, and refine our clinical practice. 

Requirements: Basic Training
Instructor: Rayén Antón 
TA: 1-2 depending on the size of the group 
Days of training: 2 

Ba Mai palpation - Morphology and the inherent movement palpation 

Barcelona - Spain

25 - 26 Mayo 2024

Este curso se impartirá en castellano.
Temario general:  

  • Revisión de Shape of the Qi
  • Revisión de Fluid Body 
  • Revisión del mapa abdominal para Ba Mai 
  •  Ba Mai como campos de influencia. Indicaciones generales, trayectorias, huecos de tratamiento. 
  • Exploración de la Morfología, el mapa del territorio.
  • Introducción al Movimiento Inherente de los Ba Mai: generalidades y marco conceptual. 
  • Palpación y reconocimiento: sesiones prácticas

En este curso nos enfocaremos en adquirir las habilidades palpatorias que nos permitan integrar y reconocer todos estos aspectos y marcos teóricos. 

Requisitos para acceder a la clase: FUNDAMENTOS.
Días de entrenamiento: 2 
Instructor: Rayén Antón

Review Day - Revisiting Fundamentals

Berlin - Germany

24 June 2024

How come when you visit a city for the second time, you find things you didn’t see the first time? How come that continues to happen the third, fourth, etc times…? This familiar experience is one good example of why we run a Review days and Review classes every year… 

In this upcoming Review Day we’ll revisit FUNDAMENTAL topics, at a more leisurely pace than during the class, and adjusting the program to the individual needs of the group. We’ll send you a questionnaire previous to the gathering, so we can carefully craft the material to make it worthwhile to YOU. 

Topics that we might cover during the gathering are: Shape of Qi, Qi Signal Assessment, Yang Rhythm, Shape of Qi Needling, Local Listening, Global Listening, Channel Listening, Fluid body and Fluid tide. As you see, the list is much longer than what can be covered in one day! So we’ll select the topics that are of most interest for the participants, and try to address the issues that being more difficult at the time being… 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Requirements: EV Basic training
Days of training: 1
Instructors: Rayén Antón

YFUB - Annual gathering in Barcelona

Barcelona - Spain

14-15 September 2024

Every year, since more than 10 years now, Engaging Vitality practitioners from around the world gather in Barcelona to refresh, reconnect and callibrate. This gathering is meant to both review and move forward; we explore and share experiences, and work on what we don't know, using what is already familiar. 

The yearly meeting always has a hub topic. This one is yet to be decided... 
If you're interested on coming, and you have a topic you want to work on, drop us an email!!!! 

Requirements: EV Basic training
Days of training: 2 
Instructors: European team 

Ba Mai palpation - Morphology and the inherent movement palpation 

Amersfoort - Netherlands

09 -10 November 2024

This class is not sequential; as long as you have the FUNDAMENTAL Engaging Vitality training, you're welcome to come!
We know from the basic training that the Fluid Body and the Ba Mai share some characteristics. For instance, they organize themselves around a midline and they tend to layer themselves. These, and the palpatory training to be able to listen to the Fluid Body, are the starting points of the journey that takes us into engaging the Ba Mai in one of their most direct manifestations: The Morphology.
 We’ll be exploring yet another form of palpation for the Ba Mai in this seminar: Developed after the Fluid Body palpation and making use of the palpatory skills acquired with the Engaging Vitality training, The Inherent Movement palpation is a complementary approach to directly engage the vessels by listening to their movement. 
We can directly palpate or resonate with the inherent movements of the vessels; this offers another angle to approach them and another cross-referencing tool.
 In this gathering we will explore both of these novel ways to directly contact the Ba Mai and will be cross referencing these with abdominal palpation and simplified forms of Ba Mai pulse diagnosis coming from Li Shi-zhen.

Topics covered

  • Revisiting the Fluid Body.
  • Revisiting pulse and abdominal diagnosis for the Ba Mai.
  • The Ba Mai as fields of influence. General indications. Trajectory and treatment holes. 
  • The morphology, mapping the terrain. 
  • Walking the path: practice session on the morphology. How it feels under our hands. How to work with it in clinic. 
  • Inherent movement: generalities and conceptual frameworks.
  • Palpation and recognition: practice sessions to learn how to tune into the inherent movement of the vessels. 
  • Putting it all together: practice sessions to cross reference the multiple ways of listening at the Ba Mai and work with it in clinic. 

Requirements: EV Basic training
Days of training: 2
Instructor: Rayén Antón
Teaching Assistants: 2-4 depending on the size of the group. 

Midspace & Ignition

Amersfoort - Netherlands

15-16 March 2025

This class is not sequential; as long as you have the FUNDAMENTAL Engaging Vitality training, you're welcome to come!

The mid-space or midline is a concept which has always played an important role in East Asian Medicine as well as in Osteopathy. 

We can see the Mid-space as the core of our system, or as the central axis, on which our whole system organizes itself. In the clinical setting is the free flow in and openness of the Mid-space is essential. If we are able to palpate the mid-space and are able to open it up, we can greatly improve the whole self-reorganizing ability of the system

Ignition is a palpable process in which we perceive comprehensive transformations related to the influence of the Yuan Qi 元氣  (Primal Qi) on the body. These transformations express themselves as improved coherence, communication, connections and organization. 

Ignition could be viewed as a kind of super De Qi, a situation in which the whole system makes a major shift towards a therapeutic change 

In this seminar we will learn: 


* How the Mid-space is perceived from TEAM and Inner Cultivation traditions. 

* How we can palpate the Mid-space 

* How we can improve the free flow in and openness of the Mid-space 

* How the opening of the Mid-space can facilitate the self-reorganizing ability of the body. 

* How to facilitate the process of Ignition 

Requirements: EV Basic training
Days of training: 2
Instructor: Felix deHaas
Teaching Assistants: 2-4 depending on the size of the group. 

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