Review classes 



This classes are not sequential. 
Pre-requisite: EV Basic training

Review class - Basics

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 Palpation, as any other skill and handcraft (and eventually art) takes time to settle.  After completing the basic training, and once we've been practicing for a while, it's useful to refresh the full repertoire, so we call Review classes every year in the different locations. 
The specific topics vary according the particular groups, provided we stay within the framework of the 3 modules basic training. 
Topics we revisit: 
Shape of Qi - Qi Signal Assessment - Yang Rhythm - Local Listening - Shape of Qi needling - Global Listening - Channel Listening Selection - Channel Listening Evaluation - Fluid Body and Fluid Tide - Use of Extraordinary Vessels at the service of palpation. 

We regularly have review classes in: 
Amersfoort - Barcelona - Berlin -  Munich 

Instructors: Varies according Location: 
Bart Wintjes - Felix de Haas - Ferdinand Beck  - Rayén Antón  
TA: 1-5 according to the size of the group
Days: 1 or 2 depending on the specific date.

Review class - Fluids review & expansion

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Review and Expansion:
During the basic class we get familiar with the Fluid Body and the Fluid Tide. We continue to explore the Fluid Body in the Ba Mai class, where we dive deeper into the Morphology.
Yet there's another way the Fluids might present themselves, that we don't fully explore during the basic classes or the Ba Mai class: the Wave. This phenomena tends to be quite palpable when the system has reached a further state of quiescense, and it usually signals that it is ready to shift to Dian Hua (we explore Dian Hua topic in the Ignition and Midspace class)  
Requirements: Basic Training
Instructor: Rayén Antón 
TA: 1-2 depending on the size of the group 
Days of training: 2

Review class - Ba Mai Morphology and integration

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This is a review class to refresh your knowledge about the Ba Mai palpation references already learned in Module 3 of our Basic Training, especially the Morphology felt on the Fluid Body

If you want to have some more practice to further imprint in the hands the references for each vessel, and maybe also connect them a bit more to the theoretical background that explains their dynamics, this review class is for you!

Topics covered during the Ba Mai Review: 

  • Revisiting basic Morphology felt on the Fluid Body
  • Basics of Ba Mai physiology and pathodynamics
  • Integration of Ba Mai findings in the context of other Engaging Vitality listenings (Local Listening, Yang Rhythm, Visceral, etc.) and the general development of the treatment
  • Needling in the context of the Ba Mai listening
  • [Depending on the group] revisiting Ba Mai Inherent Movement.

Requirements: Basic Training
Instructor: Rayén Antón 
TA: 1-2 depending on the size of the group 
Days of training: 1 or 2

Review class - Cranial listening

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This is a review class to refresh our knowledge about the Cranial Listening, and continue refining our contact. We revisit the basic material explored in the Intermediate Level Class Cranium and sutures listening. 

Requirements: Intermediate Level Class Cranium and sutures listening
Instructor: Jack Radner
TA: 1-2 depending on the size of the group 
Days of training: 1 or 2

YFUB - Yearly Follow Up Barcelona

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Since Engaging Vitality arrived to Europe by the hand of Chip Chace, we've been meeting annually in autumn in Barcelona, having a weekend to review, callibrate, share experiences and maybe adding a topic of research or deepening as a hub for the practice sessions. 

The goal  of this gathering is to mutually nourish our practice, meeting up with colleagues from all around the world, with different levels of experience. 
We bring into the table topics that arise during the study groups and the review classes, taking the time to deepen into aspects that usually lay beyond the scope of the basic classes or aside of the scope of the more advanced classes. This is the place to share discoveries and put them to test. 
Engaging Vitality is an alive community, and all of us practitioners participate in its development. 

Location: Barcelona

Guest  instructor: Varies according to the year. 
Coaching the practice sessions and gluing/organizing: Rayén Antón